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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Dennis and Eryn Bradley

Here are Eryn and Dennis "Brad" Bradley at the San Francisco 2003 Reunion. They were the next friends I was able to locate and contact.

Brad was a Pharmacist at the 3rd from May 1968 to May 1970 and he now builds custom homes and lives in Orleans, Massssachusetts on Cape Cod.

I was able to visit with them "Twice" during the seventies before loosing touch with them.

Oh man what memories I have of Brad and Eryn from Karlsruhe. Do remember going to their apartment many a time on the weekends for a group therapy session while Brad lit up the living room with a fireball trick that was amazing to see. Seeing Eryn in Amsterdam while she had her furry boots on as well as the many other stories that have been told in the PIT and that are on the http://3rdGeneralDispensary.BraveHost.com web site such as the time Brad cut his mustache and trimmed his sideburns to a extreme for Sergeant Martin and Brad making copies of his orders to rotate out of the service and being placed in every desk drawer and hiding spot at the 3rd General Dispensary.

Here's a story that hasn't been told (well since the Boston 2002 Reunion anyway). When Brad got the "Short-timers Blues" Sergeant Martin put him in charge of the 3rd General Dispensary Motor Pool. What's that you say? Never heard of a 3rd General Dispensary Motor Pool? That's right - there isn't one. But Sgt. Martin put Brad in charge of it and what did Brad do? He shows up at the 3rd wearing blue overalls with a large wrench hanging out of his back pocket walking around saying he's in charge of the Motor Pool until he finally rotated out of the unit.

Brad and Eryn were thrilled that I was searching for everyone and Eryn started to search for Michael Knisely. That story will be told here soon and Brad and Eryn attended both the Boston and San Francisco reunions and will be in Chicago in 2005. It doesn't take much to get Brad wound up so if you can edge him on, do it!

Uncle Charlie says…"You can’t do that" ….Once upon a time, Dennis "Brad" Bradley had really LONG sideburns and a mustache that extended beyond the corners of his mouth. SGT. Martin said "You can’t do that". After being told at least three times, Brad decided that he had had enough and trimmed his sideburns back at least 1" completely around each ear and cut his mustache into a "Hitler" type mustache. Do you know what SGT. Martin said when he saw Brad? Yes that’s right, he said to Brad "You can’t do that". How many of you remember this?


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