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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Seventeen people attended the 2002 Boston Reunion on May 10th and 11th. The above photo shows from left to right: Bob & Rose Bergrab, Wendell Penny the official greeter of Fort Independence, Romolo Maurizi, Gerri Strauser, Eryn Bradley, Paul Strauser, Diane McMahon, Carl Sachjen, John McMahon, and Dennis "Brad" Bradley sitting and Joe Aresco kneeling (not shown are Dr. Henry Berman, Louisa Rose, Neil & Susan Woodworth, and Adam Woodworth).

The complete story of the Boston Reunion in on the 3rd General Dispensary web site which is in the link section of this blog. A wonderful time was had by all and everyone received a souvenir T-Shirt given out by Joe Aresco. A double CD called TWICE (WITH FRIENDS) was handed out as was "da book".

The following is from Volume VI - Number 2, January 17, 2003 issue of The ARM PIT which is the newsletter for the former personnel of the 3rd General Dispensary Karlsruhe Germany and also the 761st Medical Detachment at Gerszewski Barracks -

M*A*S*H B*A*S*H IS A SMASH (continued)

(Boston): Some how I managed to wake up Sunday morning in time to have breakfast. It was a good time to split the scene since the toilet in our Hospitality Suite (Carl Sachjen's room) had backed up and overflowed the previous night. It just goes to show, you can take the guy out of the "GI" but you can never take the "GI" out of the guy. Believe Henry "Major" Berman & Louisa Rose had left sometime during Saturday night (maybe they were looking for a bathroom, eh?) and were now on their way back to Spokane, Washington. John and Diane McMahon woke up way to early Sunday to start driving back to Daphne, Alabama. Joe Aresco drove back to Middletown, Connecticut. Neil and Susan Woodworth drove back to Balwinsville, New York. Romolo Maurizi and Michael Knisely went to visit with Brad and Eryn out on Cape Cod. Bob and Rose Bergrab went to visit Acadia National Park in Maine. That left my wife, Carl Sachjen, and myself to leave for the airport at noon on the Ramada shuttle. Our flight was just hours away while Carl's was at six. So ends the story of the Boston reunion. Can not wait for you to hear the story about the San Francisco reunion. Better yet, can not wait for YOU to be the story of the San Francisco reunion this year. See you there!

(You can read the complete story of the Boston 2002 Reunion at the 3rd General Dispensary Web site - http://3rdGeneralDispensary.BraveHost.com/ and click REUNIONS in the Navigation area on the front page)


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